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Letter from Pat Carney, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources
November 26, 1984

Dear Mr. Vezina:

Your letter of July 24, 1984, addressed to the former Prime Minister, has recently been brought to my attention.  I sympathize with the major costs you have incurred over the last few years in attempting to promote ammonia as an alternative vehicle fuel.

As you are aware, the federal government supports the development of alternatives to oil where these have a good prospect for competing economically with oil and other alternative fuels.  Our analyses indicate that, in the next several decades, ammonia is unlikely to compete favourably with gasoline and diesel produced from oil at present and expect future prices.  It is also unlikely to compete with such alternative fuels such as natural gas, propane and methanol, all of which are relatively well established as transportation fuels.  Unfortunately, there appears to be no likelihood that my department would support the commitment of funds to further development of ammonia as a vehicle fuel in Canada.

I appreciate the extent of your commitment to this technology and regret that my response cannot be positive.


Pat Carney

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