Investor Welcome

Investor Welcome

Hydrofuel Canada Inc. - April 2021 Investor Update



Thank you for your interest in Hydrofuel Canada Inc.

We are NOT currently listed on a public stock exchange, but we intend to do so within a year at most.

The details herein and on our Hydrofuel® main web page at refer to Hydrofuel Canada Inc.


We recently closed $1.3 Million CAD ($1M USD) private placement from accredited investors in Canada, the USA and overseas.


Hydrofuel Announces Fully-Subscribed Offering for $1.3 Million | Hydrogen Fuel News, March 31, 2021


We quietly completed signing a huge worldwide exclusive multiple technology option/licence agreement with Ontario Tech University (OTU) in late January 2021, and we will be announcing the final licence agreement soon along with firm commitments for $millions in joint technology development between Hydrofuel Inc. and OTU over the next 12 to 24 months.


Hydrofuel and Ontario Tech University sign letter of intent to commercialize ammonia energy technologies
| Hydrogen Fuel News, March 31, 2021


We are not involved in any way with money letter stock promoters charging $999 US DOLLARS to subscribers to learn the share or stock sticker of our company or any others...

Neither Hydrofuel Inc. nor TFX International Auto Transport have given permission or agreed to allow promoters or any company behind them to use our images or contents, including any of our or our customer intellectual property, or our technologies in any way, including for efforts to raise funds, notwithstanding they are being used to claim the following:



"And then there’s the trucking industry... These heavy-duty diesel trucks were recently converted to run on ammonia. They’re part of Canadian freight company TFX International’s fleet."


We have not started converting the trucks to run on ammonia fuel yet, we are working on and testing the diesel generators first (currently at Ontario Technical University), as noted in our press release.

Diesel fuel generators and trucks to be powered by cleaner NH3 fuel | Hydrogen Fuel News, June 18, 2019

TFX International will provide two diesel fuelled generators and transport trucks to use Hydrofuel® ammonia fuel and Ammonia Solutions© multi-fuels systems.



Before making any investment, you should do your own research including reviewing Analysts' reports, along with getting independent expert investment advice based on comparative analysis as need be.


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Greg Vezina
Chairman and CEO
Hydrofuel Canada Inc.
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