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VEZINA (CONT’D): So on the 25th anniversary of us being
on Parliament Hill in Canada (we were on Parliament Hill with
our ammonia car), the day that Canada signed its
constitution. We had a press conference scheduled the night
before and nobody showed up. And the Governor General of
Canada his Excellency the Right Honorable Edward Schreyer
who was formerly the Premier of Manitoba and tried to
develop hydrogen as a fuel in his province in the mid-
seventies, sent the Royal Canadian Mounted Police out to
Parliament with an invitation from her Majesty’s loyal
representative to be on the Hill the next morning at 11:00
o’clock. Most members of Cabinet and most members of
Parliament – including the Honorable Simon deJong who’s
sitting here in this room and has helped us for a quarter of a
century – showed up.

Unfortunately for the world Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
walked down the front steps of Parliament, looked at us,
snubbed the Governor General, and went over to talk about
how on the night of the long knives he had signed a
constitution while the Premier of Quebec was asleep the night
before. Pierre Trudeau was asleep, in my opinion, for the rest
of his life. He ended up ending his career starting a worldwide
peace mission and if we can ever get this clip to play I can
actually make this segway really good but we’ll see.

Laughs Murphy’s Law.

They decide to just play the clip from the computer.
VEZINA (CONT’D): If you want to see this if you haven’t
seen it – probably most of you have anyways – but it’s
available at my personal website It’s not
available on the corporate website because the license to use
it is for educational purposes, which means I suppose I’m not
allowed to make any money with it, which is the way its been
for the last twenty-five years so why should it be any
different? Nothing changes.

They fiddle with the computer while Greg does a charming
little dance onstage. They get everything working and hold
the microphone up to the computer.