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HOST: Well food is out there waiting but I’m sure there are
probably a couple burning questions for Greg, so who wants
to be first?

QUESTION 1: What about emissions?

VEZINA: Where?

QUESTION 1: Tailpipe emissions.

VEZINA: This was well published in the Chemetics stuff.
There’s virtually no CO2 emissions from ammonia. There’s a
little bit of emissions on the gasoline, but they are what they
are. The NOx admissions are projected to be about 25% of
existing emissions and that’s not with the new reducing

You must remember that the three way catalyst beds, the
contaminates and effluents from one contaminate the beds
from the others and it makes the catalysts very expensive.
We’ll probably use a non-selective reducing catalyst, a single
catalyst and be able to take those emissions down even
further. But I can meet 2020 California emissions today.
Unfortunately I’m not waiting two years to sell in California,
I’m going to sell in states like Washington where these guys
have got bills passed, where they recognize ammonia is a

QUESTION 2: If British Petroleum gets all of your company
and holds all of your patents for the next twenty years, what
good are these patents going to do anyone in this room?

VEZINA: Well I have a fantastic answer for that and thank
you very much because it’s a great question. The coal
industry is under siege. The only guys that are meaner than
the ammonia guys are the coal guys. The ammonia business
was owned by a whole bunch of companies and was very
competitive 25 years ago, now it’s owned by very few
companies and it’s not very competitive. But the coal industry
is looking for a life and our technology will allow them to turn
coal or oil or natural gas into green ammonia and capture all
of the CO2. So after I leave here I’m going to sell it all to the
coal guys and let the Arabs fight with the American coal

I can tell you one thing. When the average American and
Canadian citizen finds out that we have the technology and
we’ve had the technology for a quarter of a century or longer
to do this, and that this is not about energy and this is not
about the environment and this is not about economics – this
is about freedom. This is about you don’t have to go to war
with anybody anymore because you don’t have to fight with
them, because you don’t have to leave where you are to go
to the land of the free because you can use your own
indigenous resources to create your own energy and your
own economics and your own job and your own future.

This is about liberty and that’s what motivates me. And
you’re not going to stop freedom. They might be able to stall
it but they’re not going to stop this. There is no Senator that
will be able to get elected and no Congressman who wants to
subsidize oil and send their kids to Iraq when by just purely
not subsidizing oil we can pay for this.

You must understand that the government subsidies alone to
ethanol in the United States over the next five years would
convert every vehicle in this country to ammonia fuel. It’s
astounding how much money we give away to the wrong
people. I don’t want any government grants, I don’t want any
subsidies and I don’t want a carbon tax – I want an
environment tax! I don’t want to target just carbon, I want to
target waste, I want to target all of it, and then I want free
enterprise to reign free. Because if you can buy an ammonia
fuel system for $8,000.00 and fuel at 50 cents a liter and the
jobs are in your own economy, or you can buy gasoline at
$2.00 a liter with $1.00 a liter environment tax, what one are
you going to buy? I don’t have to spend a cent on advertising
or public relations, I just have to use common sense.

Did I answer your question?

QUESTION 2: Well no.

VEZINA: Well then ask it again!