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QUESTION 2: If British Petroleum takes over all your patents
by taking over your company and buries them, what good will
any of your patents do anyone in this room?

VEZINA: They got to get me to sign it and get an agreement
to sell it.

QUESTION 2: Well that’s not hard.

VEZINA: It isn’t eh? You obviously don’t know me very well.
You should Wiki Greg Vezina, I sue TV networks and I sue oil
companies and I sued the Government of Canada using the
constitution to challenge all government subsidies to oil, and
what the government did, on the Federal Courthouse steps,
was cancelled the National Energy Program.

But let me tell you, there’s more. There are environmentalists
and private companies that are combining together, they’re
going to bring a NAFTA claim against the United States and
there are American companies that are going to use NAFTA –
God bless Ronald Reagan – because NAFTA works.

So they’re not going to stop this, this is going to happen, and
we won the softwood lumber case against the Americans. We
didn’t get the whole 5 billion we asked them for - we got 4
and President Bush kept a billion for the election and
Republican districts, but the bottom line is that you don’t
tariffs our lumber anymore and the NAFTA dispute resolution
process takes six months, there’s a decision, penalties are
imposed. And the Methanex and the Ethyl Corp. cases that
have been done by NAFTA were won on the environmental
question. It was thought that NAFTA would allow you to
threaten to feed rat poison to kids and get paid for not doing
it, it isn’t how it works.

So the end of the day if you can put the environmentalists
together with the green industries with the brown industries
because now we got a way to make them green, the coal
guys aren’t going to want you subsidizing oil. There it is.

HOST: Did you ever wonder that precise moment when you
lost control?

VEZINA: Right now.

Vezina removes his hair tie, messes his hair. Audience Claps
and disperses. Gary talks to Vezina 1 on 1.

GARY: You’re the man.

VEZINA: That you Gary. We’re going to have some fun.

GARY: You bet.

VEZINA: Yeah we’re going to really have some fun.

GARY: I know you will and I know you can. You know it takes
sometimes a spirited person like yourself who’s got a brain
and a vision to kind of crack everyone else loose and I think
you’re doing it. We’re working on the safety side of this thing

VEZINA: Yeah I know you guys are and safety is my big
gorilla, big brown gorilla. I’m scared. We were going to bring
a car here and my lawyers and my insurance agencies
advised me, "Vez you waited 25 years and if you take that
car there and you have an accident or a spill you’re going to
destroy the whole thing." So we didn’t do it.

GERRY: Darn it.


Greg Vezina