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VEZINA (CONT’D): Conclusions and recommendations. This
report started from a rather negative pre-conceived feeling as
to the potentials of ammonia as a vehicle fuel.

Sidebar – it was an accident they got someone to write the
report that thought it wouldn’t work in the first place.

The study has indicated a very real potential from a pure
technical point of view on some positive features for safety
and environmental concerns. If the economics of capital cost
continue to improve and the high cost and scarcity of
hydrocarbon fuels become more acute, ammonia will become
a viable option either as a hydrogen carrier fuel or possibly as
a direct combustion fuel.

It is conceivable that conditions relating to hydrogen fuels
may already exist locally in remote areas or in developing
countries. There could be available renewable resources to
generate electricity and hence ammonia.

The following list is a generalized summary of the conclusions
that have been formed.

1. There are no technical or practical engineering
problems that are not very logically solvable for the
general usage of ammonia as an I.C.E. fuel.

2. The safety and acceptance of ammonia as an I.C.E.
fuel should not be difficult to achieve.

3. There are no known ecological or environmental
problems with ammonia as an I.C.E. fuel and in fact
indications are that significant improvements could be
achieved over hydrocarbon fuels.

4. The replacement of hydrocarbon by electricity is the
energy source and raw material for ammonia fuelled
I.C.E.s is technically feasible.

5. There will have to be major development in
manufacture of I.C.E. specific to ammonia for the fuel
to be effective.

6. There will have to be major change in the present cost
structure for ammonia to become a viable commercial
option to present hydrocarbon based fuel systems.