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VEZINA (CONT’D): I didn’t agree entirely with all their
conclusions and I believe that there was certainly some bias’,
but the bottom line was that they said it worked. Now here’s
the important part, the recommendations.

Reading from Report As the concerns for hydrocarbon
conservational and environmental damage cause are on the
increase, all viable options must be looked at in depth. The
alternatives are many and varied and the ramifications are
astronomical. It follows then that a knowledgeable planned
evolution to the new and probably numerous options must be
set up.

In the case of anhydrous ammonia some of the more
important recommendations for further work would be:

_ The study of the total effect and advantages of
ammonia as a fuel for the reduction of ecological
damage caused by hydrocarbon fuel combustion.
_ The development of an I.C.E. specifically optimized for
direct ammonia combustion without chemical additives.
_ The continued study of the effects to human health in
the long-term recovery from serious exposure to
_ A well-conceived and carefully documented
experimental installation of ammonia fuel I.C.E.’s in
specific applications.
_ The utilization of ammonia fueled I.C.E.’s based on
ammonia dissociation should be studied in depth. This
could affect the emphasis on recommendations in
number 2 and 4. And the potential for small-scale
production of ammonia in areas of very cheap
electricity should be investigated to establish whether
ammonia could be cost competitive with existing fuels
in the near future.