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VEZINA (CONT’D): And what did the government of Canada
do with this report? The Government of Canada three weeks
later wrote me a letter saying it was the policy of the
Government of Canada not to fund or develop any non-
hydrocarbon alternative fuels, and our new Prime Minister’s
first order of business, the late great Brian Mulroney (not late
yet but that’s coming) was to kill the national energy program
and raise the Canadian price to world price to give almost 30
billion dollars of taxpayer’s money, deficit financed, borrowed
money to the oil industry and to kill the renewable, solar,
wind, and hydrogen programs at the national research council
of Canada. I want to say thank you to Brian Taylor, the head
of the energy division of the NRC because he got the budget
to fund the Chemetics report.

I’ve contacted the NRC and they no longer have this report, it
has been lost. I asked a Member of Parliament to search the
Library of Parliament because every document that’s paid for
by the Government of Canada is supposed to be in the
Library of Parliament, some reason they can’t find it.

We approached the government of Canada again last year
and said, "Would you investigate the use of ammonia as an
internal combustion engine fuel?" They said, "We actually are
looking at it for fuel cells, however until we implement our
new funding programs to give billions of dollars of taxpayers
money to ethanol, methanol, and other hydrocarbon
alternatives we will not be able to do an evaluation."

You can be sure that Canada will be absolutely the first
country that our Corporation will blow all our resources on in
developing this technology.

Now I feel better, ok boys and girls? Laughter.

VEZINA (CONT’D):Â Now let’s talk about the exciting news
and what’s going on.

We filed twenty provisional patent applications in United
States on Friday, and the twenty applications cover
everything from retrofit internal combustions engines to duel
fuel gasoline, duel fuel ammonia, to tri-fuel, to multi-fuel, to
interchangeable multi-fuel compatibility systems and
hardware, software, to electronic new ECU control units
where we own the software, and software for fuel mapping
for multi-level fuel combustion maps so you can actually run
any fuel and every fuel through our system.