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VEZINA (CONT’D): Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to take a
second and unveil for you our prototype system which has
been built by Icom Italia. This product is built for ammonia
specifically and this product will be available for retail use
everywhere except Canada early in the new year. Laugher

Our approach to alternative energy has been to build
something that works, to build something that we can
demonstrate, and to build something that can be very quickly
commercialized. Because the bottom line is, if you can’t get
into business and if you can’t prove your economic case
you’ve got to rely on government grants and private
investment. I was told that I could not swear up here, but I
ain’t applying for no fracken’ government grants.

Explains prototype system So this is a Toroidal tank, which is
a new donut tank design that is designed for ammonia. Of
course it will have to be white according to the standards.
And this is the fuel rails and all the rest of the hardware and
the software.

This system will retail for $6,000 American with the Toroidal
tank and about $8,000 with a larger cylindrical tank. This
system is a gasoline, ammonia duel-fuel. The system runs on
gasoline for the first fifteen seconds in order to purge the fuel
rails, it is important to use a little bit of gasoline so that the
gasoline in your tank doesn’t go stale.

Otherwise once you start the engine, after fifteen seconds the
thing runs on 100% ammonia with no additives and no
accelerant. The reason we can do this is because the science
of ammonia, although it is very well known, there are very
few people that have actually done it.