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VEZINA (CONT’D): And I’d like to tell you a story about the
engineer who went to the factory and they built this
wonderful machine, and it was making them all kinds of
money and it broke. And they couldn’t get the inventor to fix
it because he’d passed on, so they hired this engineer. They
said, "Please come and fix our wonderful system!"

The engineer went in and he looked at it for awhile and he
asked somebody for a hammer and he smacked the machine
and it started up, it ran and ran and ran. And he sent them a
bill, a rather big bill, and the bean counters got at it and they
said, "We want an itemized bill. We want to know what you
want a million dollars for."

And he sent them an itemized bill back: $1.00 for smacking it
with a hammer and $999,999.00 for knowing where to smack

Ladies and gentleman, we know where to smack it! The
secret to ammonia is in the fuel to air mixtures, the tighter
you can get the fuel to air mixtures, the better you can
control the spark, the easier it is to use. Gasoline ammonia
duel fuel systems are the easiest, first in the game. We’re
completing a manufacturing agreement with Icom North
America and Icom Italia who builds the Roush Engineering
dedicated propane powered fuel system for the F-150 Pickup
Truck, for Ford, that you can buy now, but it costs 10,000

And I expect at some point, someday, some automobile
manufacturer may be interested in buying exactly the same
components that they’re buying now from exactly the same
company for a new fuel, the only difference is it will have this
little tag on it (Hydrofuel logo) and we’ll get paid.