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VEZINA (CONT’D): So let’s talk about diesel because diesel
ammonia is a different challenge as you’ve seen from the
presentations here and there are a myriad of options and
technologies that can be used.

We will be unveiling our diesel ammonia duel fuel system, it
wasn’t ready here but we’ll be unveiling it shortly. If you
remember and when my lawyers are
finished in about six weeks hydrofuel dot anything, anywhere
on the planet, you’ll be able to find us because we’ve had the
trademark for hydrofuel since 1984, and according to the
internet rules first out gets the word. And although there are
cyber squatters all over the world who believe in free
enterprise – like I’ll pay them $100,000 for a domain – the
rules are the good guys win in the end. So if you remember
the word hydrofuel you’ll be able to find us.

VEZINA (CONT’D): The next system we’ll put out will be an
ammonia diesel duel fuel system and it will not be
compression ignition it will be spark because it just makes it
so much easier.

We are in final negotiations with the largest manufacturer in
the world, converting diesel to spark for use with compressed
natural gas and we will be making that announcement in a
couple of weeks, building our prototype and releasing our
prototype early in the new year. That system runs on
between 5% and 30% diesel depending on load.