Ammonia Fuel Conversion System

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA and TORONTO, ON, CANADA October 15, 2007 -  Hydrofuel Inc. (Canada, USA, Australia)  and Icom North America LLC, a subsidiary of Icom SpA of Italy, ("Icom") are set to announce the first aftermarket NH3 (Ammonia) Fuel vehicle conversion system in the world.  This Hydrofuel® branded NH3 fuel system will be available in 2008 for automotive, industrial and agricultural vehicle conversions. The Hydrofuel® system could be also used for OEM applications.

"Through this relationship, we have the technology that can put NH3 (ammonia) into almost any gasoline fuelled vehicle in North America.   Ammonia is a widely available North American clean hydrogen based fuel that increases energy security and can be produced from green energy sources. The fuel is expected to retail at half the price of gasoline or diesel fuel.  When used as a single fuel in most vehicles with a catalytic converter, there is zero CO2 and NOx emissions are 25% of those of conventional engines," said Greg Vezina, Chairman and CEO of Hydrofuel Inc.  Complete systems are estimated to cost $6,000.00 - $8,000.00 installed.  Hydrofuel Inc. is also developing conversion systems for all other hydrocarbon based applications including vehicles and stationary engines.

The prototype system will be unveiled at the Fourth Annual Ammonia Fuel Conference in San Francisco, California on Monday October 15, 2007. The companies are negotiating a manufacturing agreement to use Icom's liquid injection JTG system with NH3 (Ammonia) fuel. The modified Icom JTG Hydrofuel® NH3 system will be marketed by Hydrofuel Inc. JTG in Italian equals TRACTION GAS INJECTION which refers to the injection technology utilized. This partnership combines Icom's extensive experience in liquid injection systems for propane and Hydrofuel Inc.'s and its affiliate, C.A.E.C.-Canadian Alternative Energy Corp.'s 27 years of experience in ammonia fuel conversion systems.

For further information contact: Greg Vezina, Chairman, Hydrofuel Inc. (905) 712-3023, Oct. 15 to 17th, in San Francisco (416) 822-9440


About Hydrofuel Inc.:
Hydrofuel Inc. ( and its affiliate, C.A.E.C.-Canadian Alternative Energy Corp., have more than 27 years experience in NH3 (Ammonia) fuel conversion systems and related technologies for automotive and power generation applications. They have 20 Patent Applications on ammonia fuel, V2G (vehicle to grid), electrical power generation and carbon capture (global warming reduction) technologies. Hydrofuel Inc. is the world's leading developer of NH3 (ammonia) fuel and energy technologies. Hydrofuel Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company with subsidiaries in the US and Australia. Hydrofuel® is a registered Trade-Mark of C.A.E.C.-Canadian Alternative Energy Corp.

About Icom:
Icom North America, LLC, ( a subsidiary of Icom SpA of Italy, is located in Valley Stream NY, just east of JFK International Airport. Icom North America, LLC, founded in 2004, delivers the Icom JTG Liquid Injection LPG vehicle system and additional Icom LPG products - featuring the unique Icom Toroidal Tank - from Icom SpA of Italy to the North American market and selected markets worldwide. Icom SpA (Italy), is located in Via Appia, Italy, and brings over twenty years of experience as a world class manufacturer for the LPG vehicle industry, with its innovative tanks, the JTG® System and numerous products supplied to OEM'S and the aftermarkets worldwide.

About the Ammonia Fuel Conference:
The Fourth Annual Ammonia Fuel Conference is the only event in the world that brings together industry, government and academic experts for collaboration on developing NH3 as a fuel and energy currency. The conference's corporate attendees include Lockheed Martin, Toyota, Nissan, Delphi, Space Research and others.