Ammonia Vehicle to Grid Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA and TORONTO, ON, October 16, 2007  Hydrofuel Inc. (Canada, USA, Australia) will be announcing a new V2G Vehicle technology today at the Fourth Ammonia Fuel Conference at the in San Francisco California.  The after market hardware will allow vehicles running on virtually any fuel to be modified to generate electricity when parked.  The company will provide the direct drive Hydrofuel® VTG generator and hardware necessary to be easily attached to vehicles with PTO (power take off) access panels on the transmission. Automatic transmissions traditionally have one panel, manual transmissions two. Each generator will produce from 15 to 25 KW (Kilowatts) of electricity.  This is the first multi-platform V2G application for automotive, industrial and agricultural vehicle conversions and is expected to be widely available throughout North America in 2008. The Hydrofuel® V2G system can be used by OEMs.

"This innovative technology and marketing strategy will allow anyone to participate in Hydrofuel Inc.'s roll out of world leading energy and environmental technology.  Through this distributed electrical power application purchasers of the technology will be able to make low cost electrical power for their own use; at work, home or the cottage and sell excess power for a profit where grid connections are available. Our unique marketing program provides customers a choice in obtaining the generators and hardware. They can either pay for the system and utility connection fees themselves and keep 100% of the profits or, in some circumstances, receive their Hydrofuel® VTG conversion system for free in exchange for Hydrofuel Inc. receiving 50% of the revenue from the sale of electrical power," said Greg Vezina, Hydrofuel Inc. Chairman and CEO.

Customers who combine our V2G technology with our recently announced Hydrofuel(R) branded NH3 vehicle fuel conversion system will have carbon free automotive fuel and electrical power generation capabilities. NOx emissions are estimated to be about 25% of those of hydrocarbon fuels. The adaptation of this technology will drastically reduce the need for large scale hydrocarbon and nuclear power plants, the need for transmission lines,  transmission losses and global warming. Manufacturing, distribution channels and pricing will be announced separately.

For further information contact: Greg Vezina, Chairman, Hydrofuel Inc. (905) 501-0010  and (647) 466-9440.

About Hydrofuel Inc.:

Hydrofuel Inc. and its affiliate, C.A.E.C.-Canadian Alternative Energy Corp., have more than 27 years experience in NH3 (Ammonia) fuel conversion systems and related technologies for automotive and power generation applications.  They have filed 20 US Provisional Patent Applications on ammonia fuel, V2G (vehicle to grid), electrical power generation technologies, ammonia synthesis and carbon capture, municipal, human, agricultural waste and global warming reduction technologies.  Hydrofuel Inc. is the world's leading developer of NH3 (ammonia) fuel and energy technologies.  Hydrofuel Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company with subsidiaries in the USA and Australia. Hydrofuel(R) is a registered Trade-Mark of C.A.E.C.-Canadian Alternative Energy Corp.

About the Ammonia Fuel Conference:

The Fourth Annual Ammonia Fuel Conference, October 15th and 16th at the Radisson Hotel - San Francisco Airport at Sierra Point, is the only event in the world that brings together industry, government and academic experts for collaboration on Green Ammonia production and developing NH3 as a fuel and energy currency. The conference's corporate attendees include Lockheed Martin, Toyota, Nissan and Delphi. Several Universities and Academic organizations inventors and individuals are also in attendance.